CDN specifications

We have built our own CDN (Content Delivery Network) specifically for WordPress. Our CDN is part of an unified server network that includes the frontend (HTML files, aka “documents”) and the CDN (static resources such as images, CSS and JS) .

In this section you'll find more information about the way our CDN works.

What files are being delivered from the CDN?

This is the list of files that are currently being delivered by our CDN:

When does the CDN cache expire?

Presslabs CDN cache never expires automatically because the static files don't get changed that often. In case you need to refresh a file from our CDN you can:

Why are my changes not visible on the site?

You might face the situation when you update a CSS or JS file and you can't see the changes done on your site. This is because of the previous point - our CDN cache never expires. In order to solve this, you need to apply one of the three alternatives mentioned above.

Where are the CDN nodes located?

Our network of CDN nodes is located in the following Data Centers: