DNS section overview

This is where you can access our DNS manager and update your DNS records. We use Amazon Route53 for DNS management and below you can find some information about the type of records you will find in our dashboard. Please check this list of DNS records from Wikipedia for detailed explanation of each record type: DNS Record Types.


First thing to know is that you can have multiple domains for a single site and the list of domains can be managed in the Settings area of the Presslabs dashboard. Depending on the domains there, you'll see multiple tabs in the DNS section. Make sure to first select the domain that you want to manage before doing any operations.

Non-editable records

There are a few records in the DNS manager that you won't be able to edit because these are managed by us. This is because without those records your site won't work as expected and we want to avoid downtimes because of this. These records are the following:

Other DNS records

There are other DNS records that you'll find in this section of the Presslabs dashboard and here's the few of them that you'll find:

We'll soon add a series of How To's to detail how various types of records can be added using our DNS manager.