Cache section overview

This is the section of the Presslabs dashboard where you can manage the cache for various zones of your site. For performance reasons you need to wait 5 minutes between cache flushes as this can induce a lot of stress on the servers if it's used under high traffic conditions. The Refresh URL section doesn't have any limitation and can be used as often as needed.

Refresh URL

Use the Refresh URL field to individually refresh the cache for a certain URL. The URL can be the front-page of your site (when you just need to click on the Refresh button), it can be an article page, a CDN resource (e.g. the direct link to a CSS or JS file) or any other URL from your site. Please note that this button doesn't delete the existing cache, but performs a cache refresh, meaning it will regenerate the corresponding resource again.

Flush caches

This section has two buttons, with separate use cases for each: